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A Typical Saturday at the Kent Recycling Center

You arrive at the center, and toss one or more bags of garbage into the waiting garbage truck. You enter the recycling building and pay Sue for the garbage. Inside the building there are separate containers where you can place: Tin cans, glass bottles, Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, refundable glass, cans and plastic bottles, any other plastic container labeled 1to 7. There are also separate places for cardboard, brown paper bags, newspapers, junk mail, egg cartons, Styrofoam peanuts, plastic shopping bags and for second hand clothing. And, what is probably our crowning achievement: the free tables and the free library. Any member can leave any item of value on the free table and any other member may take that item free of charge. The same freedoms rule our library. Outside the building we offer other valuable services. There is a large container for scrap metal and one for glass or porcelain objects. We also accept refrigerators, air conditioners & dehumidifiers. We also supply a network of other volunteer groups with materials they can use. For example: we collect your refundable cans and bottles and take them to PARC. We take paper shopping bags to food pantries, we take select clothing to a local thrift shop and other public welfare groups.


One 40ft container provided by Putnam Co. are available for all Kent residents to drop off electronics.


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